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Besides the skills of a vintage sign artist and mural artist, Tommy Tucker Time is also in love with nature and animal portraits. Whether you would like to immortalized a beloved animal companion, or have a stunning painting capturing the beauty of nature and its inhabitants, Tommy Tucker Time will deliver what you need. The majestic beauty of nature is all around us, and its spontaneity provides the perfect inspiration for portraits and paintings.

Tommy Tucker Time has its beginnings on the California coast, in the city of Malibu. The beautiful beaches and diverse ecological environments provided the perfect nurturing of Tommy Tucker’s love and respect for nature and all its elements. With so many opportunities for depicting its noble presence, the lure of animal portraits became irresistible. So many have taken a painting home with them and enjoyed the constant presence of nature in their home, always reminding us of our wonderful world.

Perhaps you share your life with some special animals whom you could not live without. Tommy Tucker Time is honored when they can preserve your companion’s legacy for all time and portray those special qualities that make your best friend such a joy in your life. Animals in the wild is not the only aspect of nature that Tommy Tucker Time loves to paint. The exceptional bond between you and your animal friend is one that they take great joy in representing through their charming animal portraits.

The Las Vegas, NV area has been appreciating the fantastic nature art of Tommy Tucker Time for years. Do not delay and contact them to celebrate your animal companion for eternity!

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